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Miss Tanzania mwaka 2001, Happiness Millen Magese ambaye anafanya kazi ya uwanamitindo amebahatika kupata mtoto wake wa kwanza Julai 13 mwaka huu.

Millen akiwa na Kairo Hospitalini

Mrembo huyo ambaye alijitangaza hadharani kuwa na tataizo la Endometriosis, tatizo ambalo huwakuta wanawake wengi pindi wanapoingia hedhi, ameweza kupata mtoto wa kiume aitwaye Kairo hii ni kwa mujibu wa mtandao wa Instgram alivyopost.

May you bring Hope ,faith and Miracles to millions women out there who wishes to hold their children just the way I wished to hold you.
May you grow to change the world and be there for others .
May you believe in God and own his miracles .
As much as life can be tough ,may you learn to be patient, work hard and knowing that ,everything always happens for a reason and every human being has their own path and plans from God for them.
Don’t ever loose hope .
And no matter what happens in your life remember,you have our God Almighty and I will be here always .

Father I thank you for making me A Woman and Finally A mother .
Father I thank you for bringing my dad back What a gift .jina Lako Lihimidiwe 
I love you my Son  And to you godmother @funminewyork . I believed you had a good heart you have been with me for 13 years but Gosh what you have done through out my pregnancy journey is unexplainable. God bless you sis I can’t say more . 
Prince Kairo Michael Magese was born
Time :6 .58 am
Weight :9 pounds 2 oz
Date :July 13 th 2017 . You’re my Victorious just like the meaning of your name “Kairo”
Glory to God . Dansaki . Asante Mungu Many thanks to Dr Seckin @endofound , Dr Lobo,Dr Gyamfi and the whole team from Columbia Doctors . Many thanks to all my friends and family oooh you guys tried @theojinika @lebogangm @samanthajansen @jimi_mugul .Special thanks to all Endometriosis groups World wide for all you do . We will raise awareness till we find Cure .And to you all my supporters thank you , Don’t stop supporting us. I believe A cure for Endometriosis is almost here . Support UsTo Everyone don’t you ever forget ,If you knew who walked beside you, at all times, on the path that u have chose, you could never experience fear or doubt again,Have Faith stand on Your Faith Change Your Story You Can Do It
Millen Magese  #PrinceKairo
Millen alijitangaza miaka kadhaa nyuma kuwa anatatazo la Endometriosis, kupelekea kuanzisha taasisi yake inayotoa elimu juu ya ugonjwa huo, mwaka 2015 alipata tuzo ya BET International Global Good Awards kwa mchango wake wa kutoa elimu kuhusu swala hilo.

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